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Helene Sula, Helene in Between

When we started looking for contributors for our Collaboration Guide, we wanted to make sure we were including people who were walking the walk. Helene is an incredible resource for bloggers and business owners who are looking for ways to collaborate (see this post and this post), and we’re so excited to have her on F&G today!

Welcome to Flock & Gabble, Helene! Tell us a little bit about yourself, and then tell us how you’d describe Helene in Between to someone who’s never heard of it before.

Helene: I’m a born and raised Dallas girl, who recently uprooted and moved to Nashville, Tennessee with my husband and two dogs. I’m passionate about writing, photography, hip hop dancing, electronic dance music, and Diet Coke. Helene in Between was started as a blog to document my life and thoughts. Then, it morphed into a way for me to reach out and influence others. I have a background in social media, marketing, and advertising, and it felt like such a waste not to share my background.

Walk us through your thought process behind naming Helene in Between – why did you choose to keep your name as your business name?

Helene: My full name is actually Kathryn Helene. Even though I’ve always gone by Helene, my parents thought it was prettier that way. So, my middle name is Helene, and it kind of rhymes with between. (Pronounced Hell – lean for those wondering!)

Is Helene in Between your full-time job, side hustle, or hobby? What was/is your “other” career?

Helene: My blog is my full time job. I work hard and often but I can’t imagine it any other way. I am so fulfilled and feel like I make a real impact with my blog and that’s so gratifying. I also do freelance writing from time to time.

Which three pieces of content are you most proud of, or would you want a brand new fan to check out first, and why?

That Time I Danced on a Cruise Ship If you want to know the real me, read this post. It’s hands down one of my favorite things that ever happened.

How I Know I Married the Right Guy My husband is my rock. He’s very supportive, very funny, can be ridiculous, and my highschool sweet heart.

14 Photo Ideas for Instagram I love Instagram and this post proves it. One of my most popular posts of all time!

Tell us about a time that you almost gave up – your absolute lowest moment since starting Helene in Between What would you say to someone who’s living their absolute lowest moment right now?

Helene: You know, I’ve never felt like giving up. Sure, I’ve encountered my fair share of negativity, but there are two ways of handling that: you can get combative or you can get over it. I choose to get over it.

There are two ways of handling negativity: you can get combative or you can get over it.
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Now, tell us the most awesome, champagne-popping-est story of your journey so far.

Helene: When you start a blog you have no real sense of who’s reading it. Who really comes and reads the posts every day? Every year I travel to a festival in Belgium called, Tomorrowland, known for it’s electronic dance music. At the festival, I was recognized. I think that was probably one of the coolest moments of my life. Not only that, they said, “I read your blog, thank you for what you do.” That to me, makes it all worth it.

We loved your post encouraging people to “be weird” online. What’s your advice for incorporating your other passions into your blog and online presence – especially if they don’t exactly fit in to your niche?

Helene: I don’t believe in having a niche. I like to blog out my life, my travel, my relationships, and blogging. But there’s a way to focus your passions to turn them into purpose. When you’re able to create meaningful posts, people in turn want to share them and to be part of your story.

I don’t believe in having a niche. There’s a way to focus your passions to turn them into purpose.
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What app, tool, or other resource has had the biggest impact on your business in the last year?

Last year I read more books than I ever have before, despite being busier than ever. That’s because I started using Audible to listen to books. My Dad, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and the smartest man I know, reads all the time. Reading is how you come up with fresh content and improve your skills. So this has helped me immensely!

What hobby, activity, issue, cause, charity, or other organization are you super passionate about?

Helene: Dogs. They are such a huge part of my life so contributing to charitable causes that help dogs is very important to me. A portion of all my blog sales go to dogs.

What are your biggest, wildest dreams for Helene in Between?

Helene: I’d like for Helene in Between to become a hub for bloggers to feel free to share and interact and learn from one another. There is so much information out there (much of it incorrect) and I want my blog to be a free place to continue learning and growing. Also, I’d like to travel the world.

Name three women who you think are totally killing it online.

Taylor Wolfe, The Daily Tay Taylor is one of the funniest bloggers you will ever come across. She’s learned to turn her passion for blogging and her quick wit into a business with T-shirt sales. She even developed an online community called “Nebrowse” where others can share their craft and sell their work.

Sarah Webb, Venus Trapped in Mars Sarah is a blogger who turned into one of my closest friends. She blogs with an open heart and it’s os easy to relate to her. She has incredible tutorials for bloggers of all kind that really help you to visually build your blog.

Margo Paige Margo is a travel blogger who always gives me wanderlust. She just created some fantastic guides on traveling the world that I can’t wait to read!

We asked Helene to brainstorm her best collaboration ideas for this month’s collaboration guide, launching February 5th. Click here to sign up for email updates, and we’ll pop a free copy into your inbox as soon as it’s available!

Two Truths & a Lie

I don’t drink beer.
I don’t eat steak.
I’ve never broken a bone.

What’s true, and what’s a lie? We’ll never tell.
Leave your guess in the comments, then scoot over to Helene’s social media channels for the answer!

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